What it takes to keep the Muncipality moving  in a progressive direction

Getting to a destination is not always flashy, its not always front page news.  Sometimes its a series of deliberate choices with a focused destination in mind.  It’s not unlike paddling a canoe.  One paddle at a time, each unremarkable, but each upon the other, moving the canoe forward with a destination that has been predetermined.  

Hi folks, I’m Adrian Foster, the mayor of the Muncipality of Clarington.  Doing the work of council and moving the Municipality forward in a progressive direction, is very often like paddling a canoe.  It is deliberate, it is focused, it may seem unremarkable one step at a time, but there is a destination in mind and focus to get that destination. And frequently the work that I do in Clarington is the same way that I paddle my canoe. A destination in mind, methodical and focused.  

If you have questions for me, please email me at [email protected]  If you’re interested in helping, helping to move Clarington in the progressive and exciting direction we are going in, please check out my website adrianfoster.ca .  There are opportunities that you can help in the campaign and help keep Clarington on track. On October 24th, please vote in the Muncipal election, vote. And please vote to re-elect Mayor Adrian Foster.