The First On-Grid Small Modular Reactor in Canada

Clarington is the proposed site for a Small Modular Reactor.  This will be the first on-grid small nuclear reactor in Canada.  There is still much to be done, but this is an exciting start. There has been a tremendous amount of work that has gone on and is going on for the development of this right here in Clarington.  And this has the potential for a global multi-billion-dollar business, industry, jobs, innovation right in our backyard. 

 We’ve seen 12.8 billion dollars which is going into the refurbishment of Darlington Nuclear.  This is reliable, clean, safe energy that powers 20% of the province, right here.  We’ve seen medical isotopes come out of that.  We’ve seen OPG file plans to bring 2000 jobs with their headquarters right here in Clarington.  We have had a hand in that right here.  And I’ve been so privileged to be able to play a role along with so many other people in bringing this together.  We are on the cusp in Clarington of doing amazing things and this is just one of them.

On October 24th, please vote in the Municipal election and please vote to re-elect Mayor Adrian Foster.