The Bowmanville Hospital Expansion

Leadership is something that happens during a term of office. It’s not something that we typically talk about and its not something that we usually shine a spotlight on.  Leadership often happens when no one is looking.  And during the Pandemic there has been so much in the way of distraction that we haven’t always seen what’s going on. 

 So, I want to talk about the Bowmanville Hospital and the expansion of the hospital.  You might not know that the province put a date on when the expansion for the hospital was going to start.  They have dedicated the money and after three decades of no significant capital expansion into the hospital, we’re going to see a significant expansion.  Imagine 30 years ago, what the community looked like, without a significant increase in the size of the hospital.  This is incredible news, but I can tell you this has not happened by chance.  It has happened because of a lot of work by a dedicated team of volunteers.  And I have been delighted to help push that file forward. Or you may not know that Clarington from the beginning stepped up with 5 million dollars because we understood that we had to have skin in the game.  Durham Region stepped up with the biggest capital injection that they have ever done and at over 37 million dollars, understanding that this was important for Clarington. 

Back in 2007, the hospital came to Council looking for some capital to expand the Emergency Room.  Seventy-seven percent of residents wanted Clarington to do it, I was the only councillor to support that.  I am pleased to work with the foundation.  I’m delighted to see the progress that we are seeing for something as essential as the hospital right here in Clarington. 

On October 24th, please vote in the Municipal election and please vote to re-elect Mayor Adrian Foster.  If you want information from me, e-mail me at [email protected]    If you want to help somehow on the campaign, help with progress in Clarington, go to my website and there are opportunities for how you can help with the campaign.  I will be delighted to hear from you.  Thank you for taking the time to find to learn about why it is so important to keep Clarington on Track.