My Resume

When considering hiring someone, you would ordinarily look at their resume, their experience, their accomplishments and their ability to effectively work with others to do the work that you need done. That’s why I present my resume below for your consideration.

You will see my experience, what I’ve done and what I’m doing. You will see a long history of service to our amazing home, Clarington, both on and off, of Council.

Adrian Foster’s Experience


  • Mayor and CEO Municipality of Clarington
  • Clarington Audit & Risk Committee
  • Clarington CAO Evaluation Committee
  • Chair, Durham Region Finance
  • Secretary Treasurer, Durham Region Not for Profit Housing
  • Board of Directors, Elexicon Corporation
  • Chair, Canadian Association of Nuclear Host Communities
  • Nuclear Waste Management Organization,  Municipal Forum


  • Elexicon Audit, Finance and Risk Committee
  • Board Chair, Veridian Corporation*
  • Member, Durham Region Finance Committee
  • Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority
  • Clarington Museums and Archive Board
  • Clarington Library Board
  • Clarington Traffic Advisory Committee
  • Clarington Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Clarington Abandoned Cemeteries Committee
  • Clarington Animal Advisory Committee
  • Clarington Council Liaison, Clerks Department
  • Clarington Council Liaison, Engineering Department
  • Darlington Nuclear Site Planning Committee

Volunteer and Community Service:

  • Lions Club of Courtice, Affiliate Member
  • Founding Member, Rotary Club of Courtice
  • Founding Director and Past President Clarington Board of Trade
  • Co-Chair, Clarington Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion
  • Co-Chair, Clarington Business Group
  • Courtice Area Ratepayers Association
  • Cub Leader – Courtice
  • ITER Community Council
  • Faith United Church Council

My varied contributions to the Clarington community have been recognized in many ways, including being a recipient of:

  • Queen’s Gold Jubilee Medal
  • Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship
  • Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

In addition to the above, I ran a small business in financial services for over 25 years. In my early years I worked with developmentally delayed children and young adults at the Surrey Place Centre.

*During my tenure as Board Chair of Veridian we created the 4th largest utility in Ontario (Elexicon Corporation) with the merger of Whitby Hydro and Veridian. This move which was quite complicated has created significant value for the shareholders – Clarington being one of them.