Clarington This Week writes:

“The mayor, who works hard behind the scenes, is often a key player in brokering peace between opposing groups. Mayor Foster does a good job of protecting Clarington’s interests at the Region.” Read the full story

“Mayor Adrian Foster has once again been a solid leader who effectively manages council and competing priorities. He did a commendable job of dealing with deferral of the new build at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station when it appeared cancellation was in the cards, He’s a collaborator, but he’s not afraid to make necessary decisions.” Read the full story

“Mayor Adrian Foster has spent much of his energy: balancing vital issues against dealing with angry residents and councillors in conflict with one another. So, the mayor has demonstrated impressive mediation skills, even while presiding over measurable achievements in the last year such as the new waterfront park that is underway, a new fire hall in Newcastle and a state-of-the-art police facility in Bowmanville. Credit is due for taking a whole-region view at Durham council, contrary to other regional politicians who are entirely parochial in their votes and views. In the circumstances, he’s done a strong job in the last year.”Read the full story

“Mayor Adrian Foster is a mediator mayor. walking a tightrope between angry residents, warring councillors and frustrated staff. The fact that this councill is still doing good work is, in part, a credit to his abilities…” Read the full story

“He has been creating ongoing dialogue with the big economic drivers of the community — from roundtables with developers to working with Canadian Tire Motorsport.” Read the full story

“Mayor Foster must be credited with engaging on files with a focus on the local economy, including forums with developers and working to promote the former Mosport race facility under a new banner.” Read the full story

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