What does a swan have in common with the Municipality of Clarington?

Well to get the answer you will need to watch the video.  But here’s clue, it has something to do with the great things that are taking place around Clarington.

What it takes to get things done.  The GO Train coming to Clarington.

Leadership that’s working is far more than a campaign slogan.  It is something that Mayor Adrian Foster has adeptly practiced throughout his terms in office. In this video you will learn about what it took to get the province to agree to bringing the GO Train to Clarington.

What makes Clarington such an awesome place?

There are so many great things happening in Clarington.  But what in particular makes this place so special to you?  Check out what people are saying.

Elvis says…

Keep Clarington awesome!

Better tax and budget planning in Clarington.

An accomplishment that saved you money and simply makes sense.

2010 Election Brochure

When I ran for mayor in 2010 I handed out a brochure where I outlined my priorities for the next four years. In this video I do something that very few politician ever do, I actually review my 2010 election brochure.


The Lake Road Extension

The extension of Lake Road will open up 70 acres of serviced industrial land. That means new investment and new jobs in Clarington.

West Beach

Here’s Clarington’s latest gem – West Beach. We have delivered on our promise to open up more water front space for you to use and enjoy. If you have not been here yet, be sure to come down soon to see it.


The Darlington Energy Complex

The Darlington Energy Complex brings a huge boost to Clarington’s local economy as nuclear refurbishment moves forward. But there’s more, a multi billion dollar opportunity that could be ours. And we’ve managed to get the attention of OPG and the Minister of Energy on this one.

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