I have spoken on a couple of videos about leadership and if you haven’t seen the other ones, take a look.  Leadership is something you do when no one is watching.  Leadership is not showing up to a campaign and making promises, it is what you fullfill during your time in office.

I’m going to speak briefly about connectivity, which is so important  If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic it just how much of an essential service connectivity to the internet is.  Four years ago we said that we needed to get more of Clarington connected. Today, 98% of Clarington has connectivity to the internet.  This is a huge improvement of where we were four years ago.  This did not happen by accident.  It happened by working with the internet providers.  Having staff work with them, and get things done.  You might be in an area that did not have connectivity, and now you have a choice between providers.    

So you may have noticed that your connectivity on your cell phone is worse than it has been in many years.  I can tell you that staff are already working with the providers to see what we can do to fix the problem, because cell phone coverage is just as essential as being able to connect to the internet. And again, its not an election promise, its work that has to be done throughout the term.  

So please, on October 24th, consider what have the candidates been doing over the past four years.  Consider what they have done for the community.  Have they simply shown up before an election. On October 24th, please vote and I ask you to please vote to re-elect Adrian Foster as the Mayor of the Muncipality of Clarington..